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Commercial Kitchen Hoods

Commercial Kitchen Hoods – Service & Installation

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Trust Our Experience

Commercial Kitchen HoodsTotal Comfort Cooling & Heating Inc has worked with countless businesses providing efficient kitchen exhaust solutions. Schools, bars, country clubs, and restaurants. Familiar names include; Dairy Queen, 3 Peppers, Buffalo Wings N Rings, and Culvers.

Customized For Our Clients

Our kitchen hoods are customized based on the needs of our customers. We have the experience to look at your space, current equipment, and unique needs, and put together systems that make sense.

Make-up or Conditioned?

Of course the purpose of a hood is to pull excess heat out of your work area. It’s an exhaust system placed above your ovens, fryers, and burners. So will it be make-up air or conditioned? Make-up air is fresh air that is recirculated back into the work area. Conditioned air is make-up air that has been cooled. We will help you determine which option better fits your facility and needs.

Dependable Service

You can depend on Total Comfort Cooling & Heating, Inc. We know your business depends on your equipment performing at its best. Equipment failure could shut a venture down instantly. That is why we provide 24 hour emergency services. We are also here to provide regular maintenance as needed. Belts, coils, checking amp draws, fan motors, etc.. With proper care and timely maintenance often costly repairs can be avoided and business can move on without interruption while extending equipment life.

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