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Our customers are the best. And it appears our customers feel the same thing about us. It shows by the speedy business growth we have experienced from word of mouth referrals. These are “real customer reviews”.

Note: This is our new website. It launched May 28th, 2017. Therefore, we will be adding more reviews in the coming months as customers are impressed to share a good word with us.

Customer Reviews

No More Frozen Pipes Or Flooded Hallways

Frozen Tubing On An AC Condenser Unit In North Port Florida - Customer ReviewsMy son referred me to Total Comfort. Him and his wife just purchased a new AC unit from them and they said it was a good experience.

Unfortunately, the AC drain was clogged with something and the water was instead flooding the hallway. Every time I thought I had it fixed it would start again. Then my air conditioner stopped working. It was getting hot.

I’m glad my son knew who to contact

My son came over and discovered that pipes and tubing coming from the condenser were covered with ice. Something wasn’t working. My son called them and a technician was out first thing the next morning. Within 45 minutes he had everything fixed. He was very friendly and professional. Within an hour after he left the temperature was down in the 70s. I’m glad my son knew who to contact. My AC hasn’t worked this good in years.

I think they deserve a good review.

Lori R. – North Port, Florida

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